How Cancer Affected Her Relationship

Some infections can have a great impact on the lives of people especially when there is no possible solution. Living with the stigma created by infection can some times cause the individual to have a negative perception about life. Some diseases can also affect people’s relationships with those around them. It is always advisable to show these individuals’ great love and affection, this can allow them to have a sense of belonging amidst a deadly ailment. Many have resulted in taking risky measures to end their lives because they felt rejected and discriminated against by their close friends.

Some years ago precisely in 2016,

Some years ago precisely in 2016, a lady in California was diagnosed with cancer. Before she knew of this situation, it had a destroyed the uterus. Usually, when the disease is discovered early enough, it can be treated but, if it gets too long without the victim ever being aware, it can lead to death. Such was the case with the lady. Melinda was a mother of 2 kids though, she had wanted to have at least 4 children. Employed as a daycare teacher taking care of children below 5-years, it was great fund seeing these children play around every morning when their parents came to drop them.

How Cancer Affected Her Relationship

Melinda Tracy was a woman that knew how to get along with kids. Some children even enjoyed being with this lady more than their parents. At the close of the day, Melinda will feel depressed when parents came to pick up their kids, she wanted to spend more time with them. After a while, she began noticing some pains gradually, the pains became severe to point that eating was a problem, to sleep for even an hour was another great issue. The pains kept on increasing for months, Tracy wouldn’t go for a check-up, it was difficult to stay for a day without seeing the kids. Spending time with kids made Tracy happy unfortunately for the 29-year-old lady while attending to the children on a particular morning, she collapsed.

Within a few minutes, they rush Tracy to a nearby hospital for medical attention. The case was already severe beyond what the doctors could handle, some advanced machines were required to run some test, it was a small clinic, the doctors had to refer this lady to another bigger hospital in the city. Despite the pains she kept asking for school children, it was difficult to spend a day without them. When they arrive at the medical center she was still unconscious, after series of blood transfusions, it wasn’t of any help. The test result revealed it was cancer beyond what could be treated. The uterus was damaged meaning chances of conception were no longer possible.

To make matters worse, Tracy was asked to stay away from children and other physical contacts with people. There were other side effects as a result of the ailment that affected the lungs. To Breath normally was a problem without making use of some breathing aids. Aside from that, Melinda was restricted from going close to family members to avoid getting them infected as well. The Physiological trauma from this disease was severe to the point that Melinda was left with no choice but, to commit suicide.