Some of the Bizarre Mysteries that Remained Unsolved

There is no contention that at least every person has encountered a bizarre story that was beyond their level of understanding. Although most mysteries that remain unsolved have religious backing, a good number of them have a direct connection to science. It’s good to note that lots of mysteries that exist today are believed to have happened dozens of centuries ago making it more difficult to confirm their viability. For example, there’s a shocking story about ships and airplanes that went missing more than 500 years ago in a place that’s commonly known as the Bermuda Triangle.

Bermuda Triangle or the Devil Triangle

Bermuda Triangle or the Devil Triangle is a triangular section that’s in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean is bounded by both the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda and the American territory of Puerto Rico. Since the disappearance, lots of theories are being made by people that are eager to share their knowledge. At one point, the disappearances were attributed to both sea monsters and unknown flying objects which has proved insufficient. More than two years ago, the Bermuda Triangle Enigma documentary maintained that the disappearances could be because of waves. A Channel 5 documentary suggested that waves that were estimated to be more than 30 meters tall swept away ships together with planes when they were navigating through the region.

This was followed closely by another

This was followed closely by another mystery of an American cargo ship, Mary Celeste that was discovered in the Atlantic. Reports indicate that the incident that occurred more than two centuries ago saw the disappearance of ten people, including seven crewmen, a captain, and his wife together with their two-year-old child. Apart from missing a lifeboat, Mary Celeste was in good shape raising questions of what really happened. Until now, no person has been found with reports saying that they were attacked by deep-sea creatures. Another school of thought says that pirates might have attacked the ship and killing all crews on board. It’s worth noting that none of these theories can be proved.

Some of the Bizarre Mysteries that Remained Unsolved

Similarly, the discovery of the Voynich scroll more than five centuries ago has provided more questions than answers. Since the art of writing was introduced, it’s rare to find a written text with unknown coded language. Besides having a coded language with no originality, the Voynich manuscript has several strange drawings of both plants together with nude portraits of people. These are the reasons it has attracted the attention of researchers, cryptographers and not to say nothing of linguists. So far, not a single person can be in a position to read and describe the book that was named after Wilfred M. Voynich.

Voynich was a renowned book dealer that succeeded in procuring the manuscript over a century ago. Today, Siloe is in the process of producing numerous replica copies of the manuscript that will see more people gain access to the Voynich scroll. Consequently, the shocking revelation about the island of Roanoke is still baffling many worldwide. According to available sources, Roanoke which is the Island that believed to have existed along the North Carolina coastline was home for British settlers in 1585 with John White as the governor.

John White left for England so that he can procure a new stock of supplies since it was running out. He left behind his entire family, including his wife, a married daughter with her husband plus his granddaughter. John returned only to find an abandoned island with rumors indicating that settlers might have fled to the nearest island. In like manner, the 1200 BC story about the sudden collapse of Eastern Mediterranean regions, Anatolian and Aegean is still a mystery. It’s worth noting that these are the events that brought what’s now known as the Dark Ages. Although there are no credible explanations about the exact cause of destruction, historians have attempted to answer this question by offering various reasons that are responsible for sudden collapse.

While some believe that it was the work of foreign invasion, others with conflicting opinions blamed it on natural calamities such as earthquakes. Additionally, there are mysteries surrounding a Shroud of Turin, a piece of cloth that has man’s image. It’s a common belief in Christianity that this shroud was used for burying Jesus Christ. The artifact is being kept at the Saint John the Baptist Cathedral Church in Italy has attracted attention with scientists opting for a DNA tests.