How A Woman Became Pregnant Without A womb

Medical doctors have issued people horrible reports by telling them they can’t conceive. Others were told to have barely a few days to live base on the gravity of their sickness. This kind of medical report has resulted in the untimely death of some. Others ended up taking their lives knowing there is no reason to live again. But, the question is whether some doctor’s reports can’t be changed? Living with that fear of death is some times more troubling than death itself. Doctors who believe in God will acknowledge to these patients that it is not yet over no matter the situation even when some understand it is beyond their control.

The young lad told the father

The young lad told the father she’ll like to get married at 20 fortunately, this happened just as planned. A few days after their wedding the young couple boarded a flight to go have a great time. It was indeed a memorable crash that ever took place with many lives being destroyed. All the passengers died except for both of them who survived this crash. A rescue jet was later sent to carry those who were still alive to a nearby hospital. On reaching the site they met a couple still breathing, immediately both were rushed to a nearby hospital with injuries on their foreheads, legs, hands, and every part of their body. It was indeed a painful scenario to see a couple who just got married barely a few days before the incident.

Spending over 6-months in a hospital

Spending over 6-months in a hospital the doctor told Linda she can’t conceive. An operation was carried out while trying to save the lady. Lin sustained a serious injury which affected some internal organs. Physically, you could see wounds with several fractures on almost all parts. It was obvious series of operations were going to be carried out on affected areas.

How A Woman Became Pregnant Without A womb

Another issue was that, according to doctors report, the womb had to be removed because of excessive bleeding, part of it was punctured by the crash. When it got to ears of this woman that she won’t be able to conceive, she became traumatized for hours. It took the doctors’ time and effort to revive Linda coupled with bleeding from the operation. This was indeed a tough moment for Linda and the husband. A few months later they were both discharged from the hospital. Linda had to live with severe pains from the crash especially knowing that she won’t give the husband a child.

This became a disturbing issue because every attempt to console them failed. Linda’s parents were indeed wealthy and because of that no reverence for God. They believe in their wealth and had whatever money could afford. She attended the best university, growing in affluence made the girl to feel there was nothing they could ever need from God that is if he even existed. It was normal to always tell some friends “God is meant for the broke”. The parents provided every single thing, making available enough money to cater for every need.

At this point with all the wealth, they couldn’t buy a another womb. After visiting some best hospitals around the world. It was all the same story indicating that nothing can be done knowing it will only take a miracle to ever conceive. The father opted for them to adopt a baby but, they refuse. Linda said if it took a miracle for the mother when she gave birth after over two decades then, maybe that same miracle will occur again. For the first time, she acknowledged the miracle power to get pregnant, 6-months after making that declaration, she noticed some signs of discomfort.

She has never been pregnant before, which means Lin wasn’t familiar with such signs. Lin went for a test, to the amazement of the medical team something like a ball was noticed having a figure like that of a womb. Out of curiosity, the doctors did conduct a test only to discover that the lady without a womb was 6-months pregnant. The medical personnel in charge said, this can only be a miracle. The child was named Mercy that incidence changed their life and that of the family who became believers after seeing God’s power in Linda’s life.