Health is the real wealth

Few people realize that it’s a gift to wake up healthy in the morning, seeing the brightness of a new day is awesome. There is much about life, the struggles, responsibilities, commitments to mention a few that can take away valuable time from you. Some times, people get so busy that they’ll forget their health status, show lack of care for their body system. Work should be organized in a way that’ll create enough time for resting, human body requires this to function efficiently. Fact is your body won’t be steady if you don’t rest properly, stress, especially if prolonged can result in various forms of illnesses. Some can be detrimental to your life as it can affect your quality of life, worse if it occurs during terminal stages.

My life, just like others would

My life, just like others would equally admit is not sickness free, been to the hospital several times and received medications for my conditions. Regardless of my regular hospital visits, nothing serious has really happened, falling sick, taking medications, recovering has always been the cycle of my disease conditions. Some time last year, during my final year in school, an illness, stranger than most occurred. It all started mildly as a sore in my throat, swallowing was a difficult experience for me. Gradually, those around me noticed my loss in weight and complained. Trying to explain the sore throat was itself a sore experience which was quickly halted by me.

To think that the sore throat

To think that the sore throat was going to be the end, the next week waking up seemed more difficult that it was the previous one. Considering all these to be warning signs, they were all ignored, I’d prefer to allow my system heal itself, these were my thoughts. Soon enough, it progressed to fever, body pains, headache and a strange cold feeling that left me shivering for several hours especially during the night. Regardless of these terrible experiences, holding my peace was the best option, even though taking medicines has almost been the regular path to follow, it shouldn’t be this time.

Health is the real wealth

Due to my ignorance for the warning signs that came my way, my condition escalated. Sleeping was no longer possible, with constant chills, shivering, headache and sore throat my condition became almost critical. The night it all worsened, my mother covered me with a thick blanket to eliminate cold, which considerably wasn’t enough. Things gradually moved from bad to worse, this kept on for about 3 consecutive nights, until things became unbearable. On the third night, it felt like that was going to be my last, was drowning in the aqua of my own self motivated sickness, promising myself that if I’d see morning, I’d seek for medical attention immediately.

Shocking thing about this unplanned week of illness is that; much didn’t occur to me as important. There are lots of things that came to me as most valuable, my education, personal tasks, projects, fun time, to mention a few. Yet, during my downside, none occurred to me as a must do, the basic thing that would make sense to me is just to get better. Getting on my feet was priority, some things that was never considered enjoyable, like walking, going to the bathroom on my own, going outside the house to mention a few, was greatly desired by me. Money itself is good, it sure can get you lots of stuffs, even now the more you can gather for yourself, the more wealthy you can be considered to be.

This condition helped me realize that when you’re healthy you have everything. Things that you love doing, or want to do, can still be done as far as you’re healthy and strong. Luckily, the morning came, family rushed me to a hospital, and everything that was needed to make me feel better was given to me. Now, resting is a serious part of my calendar, I’d make sure of it, in addition to reporting to the clinic whenever a warning signs appears. Hiding them only makes it worse, all these made me more conscious about my health. My serious illness has woken a part of me that was fast asleep, now, my perceptions towards life are modified, and wealth is wealth when you’re healthy enough to enjoy it.