Why You Should Take Your Health Seriouly

People face challenges in life, related to health which at times take longer to control. Others wait until their health conditions deteriorate beyond help before they seek medical attention. By the time they do that, their condition has advanced further which means they are under threat of more serious development. It is good to seek medical attention the moment you notice any sign of illness. When you ignore those early signs because they are mild, you are likely to end up with a serious illness that may even claim your life. Remember, symptoms don’t signal how serious the condition is. Early detection helps manage the illness, but if you let it advance, by the time it is detected, it will have caused serious damage to some of your major organs.

Have you ever been faced with

Have you ever been faced with a serious illness? The death rate from accidents has continued to increase with others getting serious injuries that impact their lives for months to come. Whatever the case, illnesses and accidents are claiming lives every day by roads or air. John had a case in which he almost lost his life. He started feeling sick with symptoms that a local chemist thought was malaria. Some diseases show early signs which may be mistaken for other illnesses. Don’t judge your conditions by the way the illness presents itself but rather seek thorough investigation to establish what causes those signs. John made a similar mistake by seeking medical help from a chemist instead of going to a reputable facility.

He was tested for malaria and

He was tested for malaria and turned positive, prompting them to prescribe malarial drugs for him. After one week, John realized that his condition wasn’t getting any better and went back for further review. They again recommended that he takes a further test to establish the presence of Salmonella Typhi in the blood. John took a widal test which confirmed that he was positive and was immediately put on a two-weeks medication for typhoid. He now had two confirmed cases of the presence of bacteria in the bloodstream but his condition just worsened. His stomach got more painful each day while still adhering to the prescriptions. Several people make that same mistake where instead of requesting for a complete checkup, they visit local facilities that lack even the very basic testing tools.

Why You Should Take Your Health Seriouly

You will end up in a more serious condition if you do that as John narrates. His case is a pathetic one because the more John took drugs the more the illness became. It was only after a colleague pressured him to seek medical attention elsewhere that a doctor smelled something more serious and sent him to a bigger facility for further treatment. John was diagnosed with stomach ulcers and was put under immediate medication. By the time of the diagnosis, it was confirmed that John’s small intestines had been pricked so much and was bleeding. The first therapy was to stop the bleeding that included a surgical procedure to cut off a severed section of the intestine.

John says that he learned a lesson from this incident because according to the doctors, such wounds can cause cancer of the small intestine. When asked what advice to give for the general public, John warns that people should not take for granted those mild signs that persist for more than two weeks. Instead, you should visit a good facility to take a complete medical checkup. By doing that, you will confirm al the positive cases that need attention early enough and manage them effectively. You should never expose your life to unnecessary danger by seeking health checkup from small clinics that want to make money from you.

There are several reported cases of negligence where patients either lost their organs such as sight or simply passed on. Your body, unlike furniture that can be repaired or discarded altogether, deserves something better. Do not put your health second to anything, make it your priority. You are more productive when healthy than sickly, therefore, you should make an attempt to put value to your health. In that way, you will give importance to the welfare of other people. After all, you should be a good example to the rest of the society.